Memberstack and Circle

Memberstack now integrates with Circle :tada:

Members will now use their Memberstack credentials and access Circle right from your log in page! Get that community chat running in no time.

Check out our Help Centre to find out more…


This is so cool! Oh, the possibilities!!!

This feature is crucial and as @Josh-Lopez states, the possibilities are immense. Thank you for this feature!

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@mollyfloyd24 Does Memberstack allows to restrict a space (in Circle) content per membership?

I mean: A customer pay for a membership through Memberstack, after that gives to him access to dedicated spaces in Circle, but no access to the other spaces.

If yes, does it possible to have 2 different Memberstack memberships, which give access to dedicated spaces in Circle?

I have 2 customer roles.
Some contents are only accessible for role1, other contents are only accessible for role2, other contents are accessible for both (Role1 and Role2).

Is it possible with Memberstack and Circle?