Memberstack bypassing form validation


I’m working on a form to update the member profile and integrated some validation using Parsley.js.

I’ve linked Memberstack to the form using ms-update="profile"as well as all the ms-data tags on the form fields.

The problem is, Memberstack is bypassing the form validation script and submitting the form even when the validation fails.

The validation is pretty simple, just to make sure birth dates are actually dates, names are required etc.

Has anyone come across similar issue? Is there any work around?


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Hi Gus!

This is a really good question. I’m going to take a note on this to checkout. We definitely want to make sure MemberStack respects form validation.

For now, you could use our JS method updateProfile to update the profile info. So you would do your validation, and if all good, use the JS method to do the updating.

Here’s a link to the docs that contain that method.

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Great thanks I will look into it!

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@belltyler any update on this one yet? My client has observed its bypassing postcode validation on our signup process which is becoming a “thing” for them!