MemberStack doesn't recognize correct selected Radio Buttons

Hey there! MemberStack is AWESOME!
But I’m sad it doesn’t work with checkboxes and radio buttons (yet). I know there’s a method of using radio buttons and pushing that data to a Memberstack custom field for a member. BUT, it doesn’t work.

So in my onboarding flow I have several steps and a few steps have a group of radio buttons. But no matter what radio button you select, MemberStack always takes the data from the last radio button in the radio button group. Something not going good there.

See screenshots to get a better idea:

This is an example step with a group of radio buttons. Even when I select the first radio button, MemberStack only pushes the data from the last radio button to the member.

Someone has an idea what might be going wrong here?

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Hi Rowan! At the moment, each radio button must have a unique field in MemberStack and a unique attribute on your site. We’re working on ways to simplify this, so I’ll let you know if anything changes :+1:

(The site looks great btw!)

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