Memberstack <> Ecommerce

I’m setting up a marketplace to sell products online, and looking to integrate Memberstack to manage the various types of users and create a dashboards for them.

The site is being built on Webflow, which i know can easily be integrated with Memberstack.

The issue is that the features I need for my ecommerce are more advanced than what Webflow can offers (my eshop is international, and I need to different price for the same product based on country of customer, for example).

As I am not finding an ecommerce solution I can integrate with Webflow that supports our business needs. I am considering converting the site I’m building to a Shopify template, so I can have access to the the range ecommerce features and solutions on Shopify.

Will there be a way to integrate Memberstack in that case?
Is there solution or workaround that would allow me to use Memberstack with a more advanced ecommerce?

Thank you!

Hey Dots :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Yes, you can integrate Memberstack with Shopify but it might involve editing the theme code to do it. :smiley: This is a little more advanced use case. If you do not know how to get Memberstack working with Shopify we suggest hiring a freelancer. We have a list of freelancers if you need it.