Memberstack for "Sponsor a child" charity project?

Hi guys,

My girlfriend runs a charity with supporters in the UK, DE and USA. The charity funds an orphanage with approximately 250 kids in an African country. Their main method of raising the financial support is by asking people to “Sponsor a child” for food and education. The donor will be matched with a particular child and the donor will receive handwritten letters from the child at certain points during the year.
The existing method of managing all of this is by email, with a lot of manual admin involved every month, responding to emails, updating spreadsheets and checking bank accounts for payments. The charity is going to have to start automating this in order to scale.

I’d like to help by building a charity website where a donor can pick and sponsor a child (or multiple children), view a basic bio, receive pictures and updates.

Do you think Memberstack is a good fit for the usecase or should I be looking at other tools? It’s not quite the same thing as a paid membership site with pay-walled pages.

I’d really appreciate the benefit of your experience! Thanks in advance.

Hey Ember :wave:

This looks like an awesome project! What are you thinking of building your site with (webflow, react, vue, etc)? I think Memberstack could be a good fit but its going to involve some custom code to get everything working. I can imagine a workflow like this: a user gets a membership and is taken to a page with all the children where the user can choose what children they want their membership to help.

Memberstack can provide the user accounts and a place to store data, but you’ll need to use our front-end API and some custom Javascript to save the user’s selections. You’ll also need more javascript to show and hide content based on a user’s interests or actions. :smiley:

Because there isn’t the cash to pay for dev, I was hoping to figure out a “no code” or “low code” way of creating the site. In that case, Webflow would probably make the most sense, although it sounds like there’ll need to be some dev involved with Memberstack in order to make it happen.
I was kinda thinking the donor’s journey would be the other way around where they see a few dozen super cute faces and they decide they want to support Sipho, Jane, Roger and Newton. Click “next” and that tells your membership is X for 4 children. That way round and you might well sign up to sponsor an extra child or two once you’ve connected with them emotionally. Would that type of flow require further custom code? It sounds like it might.
I’ve worked in Tech Support and am now a Product Manager, but I don’t know dev, so there’s a certain amount I can fiddle with to get working, but it’s sounding like it might be a bit more dev than I can handle by myself.

Hey Ember :wave:

I agree with your thinking. This would require some extra code to get working. I am trying to think of other solutions for you. Have you looked at memberspace? They may have a way to do this with less code. I don’t want to send you there but I am trying to help as much as possible. :smiley: