Memberstack for Webflow to replace Woocommerce


I would like to know more about what can be done and how to archive. My goal is to replace the old woocommerce store with Webflow. @DuncanHamra

As Webflow does not have Customer Account functions, so my goal to replicate some very basic customer accounts functions such as:

  • Customer has to sign up and login to checkout
  • Customer able to check purchase and payment history
  • Customer able to check simple shipment info or status in their account
  • Customer able to refund and check refund history
  • Customer no need to type address every time
  • Admin can check above info of each customer

Thanks a lot.


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Hi Anthony! We get this question quite often. I’m afraid I can’t answer in great detail since I haven’t had a chance to set it up myself, but I have some high level ideas.

  1. You’re going to need MemberStack’s hidden content feature to prevent checkout for non members.
  2. You can use Zapier, Webflow Ecommerce, and some embed-able database like Airtable. When someone becomes a member you’ll want to create a place to store purchase data. Then, you can pass that purchase info the database.
  3. Shipment / Status. You’re going to need some shipping tracking embed for this.
  4. Refund won’t be automatic, but you can build a UI that notifies you when a customer needs a refund.
  5. You can save the address with custom fields in MemberStack.
  6. Possible, but depends how you set it all up.

I hope this help. As you can see, this sort of use case is not for the faint of heart.