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Hey, All :wave:, still learning here! I’m working on some forms :confounded: I have 12 separate forms and pages where I am collecting ‘contact details’ Is it possible to have to 2 submission/update buttons - for example -

(Add/update contact and continue to next contact) - as one button, taking the user to next page to add another contact

as well as

(Add/update contact & return to dashboard) as another button, which takes the user back to dashboard

Both updating the member profile fields?

Any solutions to this would be most welcome - as everyday’s a school day!

Thanks! Ian :smiley:

Hey Ian :wave:

Great question! I haven’t seen a question like this before. Are you using webflow? By default webflow is only allowed to do one action in the editor. You can get around this though but would require some custom code. Do you mind sharing the link where you have the two buttons? The code to be added would be similar to this:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('.submit').click(function(e) {
        if (something) {
         go to next page
        } else {
         go to dashboard

Hey Josh👋 Thanks for your reply. This is a link - still in development! But I Have a lot of pages/contacts(12)/contact fields for users to fill out and think it would be easier for them to submit and move onto the next contact, instead of them submitting and back to the dashboard, then to select the next contact and so on, if there is a solution where would I insert the code? it’s a bit like the multi step signup but asking people to fill out loadsa pages of contacts before subscription would turn drive folk away I am sure, so trying to make it as easy as possible, it would help speed the process to move onto the next contact, ensuring the data is captured at the same time, appreciate the help/guidance, best, ian

That link isn’t working for me. How comfortable are you with custom code? The code would be put into the page settings above the field.

If you are not comfortable with custom code we suggest getting an expert to help. :smiley:

Hi, Josh, I guess it’s not working as I am not ‘live’ as such, still setting things up, I will give that a try, thank you, hopefully it will solve the problem! Thanks a million! :pray: Ian

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HI Josh, hoping that you can help further on this, sadly I do not seem to have much success with developers! needless to say I am perserving, and developing RSI :upside_down_face:Re the code , that you kindly supplied - I am using a few memberstack templates - with a login container - one the image is a log in button the other just a normal button i created - you can see them in the image - I’ve had a go embedding the code but it leaves a space in the container - which shows up when published - the code also shows if i embed the code above the container into the underneath the nav menu.

Wondering if it could go into the page settings where you can enter code into the head or body? - please see other two images - Perhaps it’s not possible after all owing to the login container? With many thanks, Ian

The custom code would go here

Super dooper :raised_hands: I can manage that- yay! Thank you so very much Josh !

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