Memberstack integrating issue

Hello guys,

My team is facing issues with Memberstack when we tried to get data that we will use to auto-create customers on the system.

So we have webhook triggered on our URL to grab details like Company name, Email, First Name, Last Name…etc but if we test it from Forms and Fields page it does not work and we got an error. From Postman we can see data for this URL. When we test URL it works good but when we want to test Forms and Fields on Memberstack triggered on URL we are facing issues with that test.

Can you please advise? If you need any more information let me know.

Thank you for your time!

Hey Scolak :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Are you trying to use our new API? Is your website using a platform like Squarespace or is it fully custom? Any more info you can give would be appreciated so we can help solve this! :grinning:

Hey Josh,

Our page is a fully custom made page.
We are using custom API to register members in our database using the New member trigger.
On New member trigger we added our webhook to be called but the issue is we are not able to send data using this webhook.
How to send post data here with webhook ?? trigger is being called but somehow data is not being transferred with webhook.
Is there any configuration needed to pass post data on the trigger ??

Hi Josh,

I have the same problem, my web is using Squarespace but when my members go to the landing page of the membership it’s all black, there’s no content.

How can I fix it?
Thank you.

We resloved this issue that I posted on this way.

We could not get data from New member trigger but we can get an customer ID on that API, so we added another API to get data from that Customer ID and thats how we solved this issue.
I am not sure if thats correct way or not but it works.

This maybe can help for your content on page.

Thanks and good luck !

Hey Eduardo :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Could you please create a new forum post with detailed information about your problem so we can get this answered to the best of our ability? videos are always welcomed :smiley:

Hello again Scolak :wave:

I’m glad you figured something out. I’ll bring this up to our dev team to see if there may be an easier way to do this. :smiley:


I did it, the name of the post is “Squarespace Problem”.

I hope you can help me, because I’m losing possible members and I will have to search another membership platform.

Thank you.

Sounds great,
Keep me posted if there is any other solution for this.

Thanks for help and support!!

Ok I am back. Can you provide us a little more info please?

Are you using Zapier to do this?

You mentioned customer ID’s. Are those from stripe or Memberstack?

We got memberID (customerID) from memberstack and using this ID we hit another API to grab all details. We will use Zapier for Hardware purchase but thats not integrated yet, we are working on it.

Here is example how we did that. Please see the links below for documentation and for the way how we resolve it:

I hope so this can help you guys to figure out what we did.


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