Memberstack modals on website doesn't let me click anywhere


I have a pretty weird problem on my Webflow product page.

I linked a “Profile” button and all “Upgrade plan” buttons on a website to Memberstack. Basically, when you click on them, it shows related memberstack modal windows. But, after it’s shown:

  1. I can’t click back to the product.
  2. I can’t navigate inside the modal (can’t click on Membership in profile modal, or log out).
  3. “X” icon on the profile modal does nothing.
  4. Clicking anywhere on the black background overlay does nothing.

Basically, after opening modal windows clicks are just blocked.

Is this some kind of restriction of the test mode? Or there could be another problem?


Hey Robert :wave:

I just tried to look your name up in our system and could not find an account. Can you please share your URL so we can take a look at your site and help solve this problem? :smiley:

Hey Josh,

we’ve registered with our company e-mail. It’s

Thank you! Just looked at your site and it seems you have the Memberstack header script twice on the page. Removing the duplicate should fix your problems. :smiley: