Memberstack Payment methods regarding freelancing membership websites

Hi, I am new here. But I have heard a lot about memberstack. It is amazing as I lately find updates about it.
But I have a question which I want to be answered to proceed with webflow and memberstack.

Q. How memberstack charge fees for a long time membership website?
I mean, If I create a membership website of my client, then should I or my client have to pay lifetime for the membership options? or I there is a one-time payment option?
or is there any other rules for a freelancer?

I mean, please clear me how should I have to pay to memberstack for taking their service as a freelancer. And also clarify the pament method of the client too.
How you memberstack freelancers deal with your client about this payment method?
Any freelancer can understand what I meant. Please clarify me to on the right track.
Thanks, @ducan creating this amazing platform. May God bless people like you.

Hey Shahriar :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

I was a freelancer for a long time so I understand your concern. What I would do is have the client create a free account and add me as an admin. Here is an article on that. I always like to give my clients as much control as possible so I won’t be held liable in the future. It’s the same thing I was doing with webflow. What is your current workflow with webflow sites and your clients?

Thanks @Lopez so much for your advice and important link of the article.
Actually I am halfway in webflow and have learned about it recently. So after knowing about
memberstack this question first came up in my mind. So I just wanted to be clear. And decided to stick up with webflow and memberstack community.
I haven’t worked with any client’s yet.

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Ah ok. I hope you are liking it here. :grinning: How long have you been a freelancer and what are your strengths? Just curious and making conversation.

I am freelancing for three months likely after the COVID-19 breakout. Assume me as a starter. And I create my website writing code but the back end is a bit painful and irritates me sometime. So I want to speed up my work using webflow and memberstack. I knew about it before but learning recently.
And yeah, By your Answer, Client will bear the cost of memberstack. is it? and I have to make a deal in the initial of taking the project. right?
Thanks in advance.

You are correct. The reason I would do this is because sometimes clients forget to pay or just stop paying and I never wanted to be liable financially if that happened. If the account is in your name and the client disappears you will be billed and may lose money. :grinning:

You were really helpful @Josh-Lopez. Memberstack community is blessed with helpful people like you.
If I have any issue in the future, I will definitely consult you. Thanks again.

Thanks for the kind words!

Much love :heart: