MemberStack Permanently Delete Member

Moving this question/concern over from Slack…

On the Customer Delete function… Right now it includes deletion of the customer from Stripe. On our current platform we rarely, if ever, delete customers from Stripe. We’ve found after a couple years of dealing with customers that sometimes they come back and the history of their purchases and details can be very helpful. Also, if they ever dispute a payment with their bank then you really need to be able to see everything they did in Stripe. Is there a way to have the “Delete from Stripe” be optional?

Alternatively, is there a way that there could be a choice for example:

  1. Delete from MemberStack
  2. Permanently Delete from MemberStack + Stripe
  3. Reset Member to default plan

What we’re trying to avoid is losing sales, purchase, and other important data from Stripe.
Additionally, if we have someone that we cancel from MemberStack but don’t delete them then when they come back (which happens for us) they are prompted for their original membership level. We want to avoid that.

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Hi @jmatias, right now we don’t have any plans of adding an option to not delete from Stripe. I’m definitely open to this idea though!

Our thought process is if you don’t want a user deleted from Stripe, then most likely you don’t want to delete them from MemberStack.

I do see your point though about members being prompted to renew their original membership. Do you have any recommendations on what could be better here? For example, if a member tries logging in while having a canceled membership, what should happen? The “renew your membership” modal was something we added on day 1 as a quick and easy solution. So we are definitely open to how we could improve this.


Fallback memberships might solve this.

Whenever a member cancels or downgrades they would automatically get assigned to a free membership. That membership would be configurable like any other membership, so it could redirect users to a pricing page when they login. From there they can still easily edit their account, view some parts of the members only area, or renew/change their plan.


Thanks @belltyler and @DuncanHamra! Yes, I am in agreement with Duncan on the idea of a fallback membership.

Right now I’m using a default membership that is Free and basically only sends them to a page where they choose one of our paid membership plans. So if we could set that as the fall-back membership then it would be a good solution.