Memberstack script throwing "Premise" jquery error

Hi everyone,

Loving the product so far after a few weeks of experimenting.

There was an issue for a few hours this afternoon (Eastern Australia time) where the memberstack script would trigger a Promise error from Jquery.

This caused some other Jquery scripts to fail by cascade, basically breaking the site.

At the same time it was impossible to access the admin for “All Sites” due to a CORS issue, which could be related.

In the event this was just me, I tried from other computers in and outside my network. Restarted, cleared cache. etc. The CDN was delivering the correct file AFAIK.

This seems have resolved itself, and now am able to access the Memberstack backend again and the test site is functional since.

My questions are:

How do we report these in live situations, and do they happen a lot?

What are the support options, and is there a direct support channel (Slack, Twitter, …) for such issues when live sites would be impacted?

Currently evaluating the solution before moving to paid, but it got me worried if it happens while the other side of the world is asleep.

Thanks a bunch for your kind support :slight_smile:

Hey Chris :wave:

Good news, this was our first issue. Tyler got everything back up and running quickly. I’m happy to report we found the issue, resolved it, and fixed a few other potential issues at the same time.

In the future, if you have an urgent issue feel free to use the chat in the bottom right of your Memberstack dashboard.