MemberStack to Webflow: Automatic Members List

Hi Folks,

MemberStack seems to work quite well integrating into Webflow. Can anyone tell me if a members list is built up on MemberStack of say 100 individuals, is there an option to then feed these bios over to a Webflow listings area or would this need to be done the long way via a Webflow CMS collection?
Edit: I can see from your Demo videos that the company has done just this. I’d be very interested to find out the complexities in setting up a similar members area that allows registered users profiles be public facing.

I have a few screencasts that walk through various setups as you’ve described.

Try this one first for basic memberships with Webflow, MemberStack, and Zapier:

Followed up by a more advanced screencast walking through how to make those users public (read-only) and then editable (only when logged in):

Happy to answer any questions, just post them here!

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Hi Chris, that’s excellent visual documentation, thanks so much.
I’ve never used Zapier before. Would a free subscription be sufficient here? i.e. less than 100 tasks per month?

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Thanks @Cormac_Kerrigan the less than 100 tasks per month shouldn’t be a problem to get you started, the limitation is really the number of zap steps they allow you with the free tier. I don’t recall how many that is and how many are needed for each of those walk throughs.

Okay Chris, that’s great.
One final question; If they allow their members to sign-up using MemberStack and then we use Zapier to automate these members over top a Webflow collection, is there an area in MemberStack where they can vet each individual? i.e. Approve/Reject button for admins?

Not that I’m aware of. I believe that’s something you’d have to build. Off the top of my head, here’s how I’d approach that:

  1. Collect an email only as a “signup” via a native Webflow form
  2. Have Zapier capture it in a trigger
  3. Zapier dump’s that email to Airtable
  4. Zapier notifies you about new request
  5. Admin approves new user in Airtable (or whatever interface attached to it)
  6. An email with an “invite” link is sent out to this user
  7. The destination of that link is a MemberStack signup form - this could be on a hidden page somewhere within your Webflow site
  8. Now that user can signup to become a member!

Amazing tutorial Chris!

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Thanks @brok! If you have any questions feel free to post them here!

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Thanks Chris! It’s a bit long winded and involves even more 3rd part programs. Ideally it would be a great simple setting for MemberStack to integrate. We are trying to sell MemberStack to a specific customer and it’s one of the first questions they’ve asked!