Memberstack trigger on Zapier – Update Member

Hey there!
I have a basic question that I can’t seem to answer by myself.

I currently have a zap (1) that triggers when a member is created, and, at a later step on that same zap, it also adds a unique member page to its profile. Separately, have a different zap (2) that triggers when a member updates their information (meant to be just for name or email). The problem is that, when a member is created and the first zap (1) is triggered, it automatically triggers the second (2), because in on of the steps of (1) it adds the member page. This works fine though so there’s no big issue in the end result, but unfortunately it consumes a lot of unnecesarry zapis along the way.

The question is: is there any way to limit the trigger “When a member is updated” to ONLY trigger IF the name or email are updated, and not the member page? Couldn’t find a workaround.

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Hey J :wave:

There is not a way to do this currently. Any zap for updating would be fired. You could add a filter to not do certain actions based on membership but that would still fire the zap making it still not ideal. You could use Integromat instead which is cheaper than zapier.

Hey @Josh-Lopez and @juloz,
I’m having the same issue – I have two zaps:

  1. New member trigger creates new records in AirTable and Webflow
  2. Update member trigger updates records in AirTable and Webflow

The problem with the 2nd is that it’s also triggered when a new member is created.
Can Memberstack consider refining the “Update Member” trigger so that it only fires when an existing member is updated, not when a brand new member is created?

I was so happy about the update member trigger but unfortunately it doesn’t work if it gets triggered with brand new members as well.


Hey Tim,

We managed to make it work by adding a filter on Zapier on the 2nd zap. We have 1) member updated on memberstack 2) find a record in Airtable and 3) a Zapier filter: If name OR email DOES NOT exactly match airtable data, then CONTINUE. Thais way it only proceeds if a member changes name / email (our original goal).

The only thing is that you need a small tweak to add dynamic values to the filter (just the first one is dynamic by default). This should definitely help you with that:

Good luck!


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Hey @juloz Thanks for your super quick reply, the gears have been turning in my head and that’s exactly what I’m doing – just in the process of adding extra lookup record in AirTable zaps limited to views (“existing member”). Thanks for the support!!

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