Memberstack v. Memberful & Memberspace

Hi there!

I’m currently trying to decide between Memberstack, Memberspace, & Memberful for a project I’m creating on Webflow. Frankly, I’m biased towards you guys as I watched a great YouTube live with @DuncanHamra and @belltyler and pixel geek and I saw how hard you both were working; that’s inspiring!

However, I’m worried that Memberstack might not yet have the capabilities I’m looking for (& that Memberspace advertises), specifically: tiered plan access, multiple payments, and drip content/temporally-restricted content. Can anyone advise if these options are available?

If it’s more helpful to answer in terms of what I’m trying to accomplish (as I’m willing to use Zapier or workarounds for now until things are more developed, though I really don’t have any coding experience):

  1. Sell a subscription/membership where new customers only get access to the content released in that time frame or forwards. I’m a nutritionist and would like to provide weekly seasonal meal plans, where subscribers get access to the current week plus any in the future as a subscriber, but not weeks past/archived meal plans.

  2. I’d like to also sell a basic online course/guided experience separate from the meal plans that would include basic video lessons, downloads, etc. I know this can be done with Memberstack, but specifically, I’m looking if there is an option for payment plans. For example, if the course was $300, an option for someone to do multiple payments of $100 x 3 (but not a recurring payment of $100 as I don’t think that would stop at 3 months…).

  3. Lastly, it seems Memberspace might have the option to allow users to “add on” an additional subscription or payment in an upsell sort of way. For example, if a meal plan subscriber wanted to also buy the previously mentioned course, they could pay for that without creating a separate account… I have poked around the forum and it seems like I could set up a combo membership tier (course + subscription, but I don’t know how that would work with payments as one would be one-time or a short payment plan while the other would be a recurring cost…). Can one member have multiple memberships associated with their account?

Thank you for your help clarifying this as I sort through options! I hope Memberstack might work for my needs or these features are coming soon!


Hi Erin! Thanks for the thoughtful message. Everything you mentioned is on our roadmap, but not available just yet.

  1. This is possible now, but not through the UI. Instead of unlocking sections in MemberStack, you would need to email users each week’s meal plans with a newsletter service like Mailchimp or Mailerlite. You could host each weeks content on your site, but you’ll either need to add/remove content as it becomes available or grant access to everyone with an active membership.

  2. Payment plans are in the roadmap. No ETA though. :frowning:

  3. Upselling / subscription bundling is also on the roadmap. We haven’t starting working on it yet though.

Thanks again for the kind words! I know we’ll be able to do everything you mentioned at some point in the future :+1:


Hi @DuncanHamra!

Thanks so much for your response. I’m going to look into the other options for now, but I’d certainly be up for migrating as soon as you guys have these options available!

Thanks so much again and best of luck in growing Memberstack more!


Hi Erin -

I’m just curious on what you ended up going with and how it’s playing out so far?

I’ve bounced back and forth between memberspace and memberstack for a few weeks now as a I build out a webflow site, and I’m still torn.

I feel memberstack is the simpler, cleaner, easier solution, but memberspace has more flexibility and options… but it’s almost like if I can’t fit my client’s membership site into the simpler solution, does that mean his membership options are too complicated? lol. I’m just having this internal dialogue with myself now. Would be curious to see how things have worked out so far!



Yes this @jakev!!

Having the same right now. I’m coming from a Weebly integration with even less customisation, but without the transaction fees (just stripe’s). It’s a real dilemma, and for me also is the issue of customising the user account interface. Everything’s a compromise.

How have you gone @jakev? And @Erin_O_Dwyer?

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Hey @cathughesxo, I’m currently building with memberstack (the unlimited free trial until launch helps), but I’m still running into a lot of flexibility issues.

@naitik has been great answering all of my questions.

To sum it up: I feel Memberstack WILL be the better solution in the longrun, but because my client’s service isn’t a perfect fit out-of-the-box with memberstack, I find myself attempting a lot of workarounds to get it to fit.

Memberstack Pros for my site:

  • better community
  • great support
  • cleaner UX
  • I like using attributes to hide/show elements based on membership tier
  • I think it will improve greatly over time as they grow
  • Pricing

Cons for my site:

  • no paid trial that can turn into a paid membership automatically
  • no one-off purchase solutions (without over-complicating membership combinations)
  • No real ability to customize the account sign up and stripe-based checkout forms (outside of color and logo)

Memberspace Pros for my site:

  • a LOT of flexibility - one-off purchases, different payment combinations and trial options, the ability to use multiple payment processors
  • the ability to hide unique one-off pages regardless of current membership tier (great for one-off purchases/courses)

Cons for my site:

  • Pricing will get more expensive
  • It’s very… manual – i.e. I’m hiding entire pages instead of individual elements, so I need to make more pages to accomplish the same thing memberstack can do with some conditional attributes instead
  • support seems okay at best
  • the design of their forms isn’t great either

To be honest, I’m still pretty torn… memberspace feels like the more flexible option right now but memberstack feels like the better long-term – I just don’t know if I can wait for it!

Hope this helps!


Oh wow I didn’t know Memberstack could hide/show individual elements, thats a bit of a game changer for me, been looking for this. But limit of being on one membership at a time is a massive Con.

I agree with all else, might have to do some more testing and comparison.

Just to save me time where is element/ID/class hiding feature?

Cheers, still lots to consider :tired_face:

Very helpful thankyou @jakev

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Hi Cat,

Yes, you can hide entire pages, entire folders full of pages, or just individual elements within a page from certain membership tiers. For example, you can hide premium videos from all Free members.

To hide individual elements, enter the following attribute to that element:

Attribute Name: “ms-hide-member”
Attribute Value: “hidden-group”

(Replace “hidden-group” above with the name of your hidden membership group)

If you’re talking about showing personalized content based on the individual member, there is also a way to do that, called “Member-specific pages”.

The Client Dashboard Template is a good one that uses a member-specific dashboard page:

Here is the tutorial:

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+1. Successfully used this template for a fully featured client project.



Cheers @alankemsley, I’m excited AF to start putting this together! Doesn’t suit my single purchase options ATM but because we’ve only got a couple of products so far I can wangle it to work.

Definitely +1Million on when when can have customers on multiple ‘plans’ as I need each customer to be able to do ‘one-off’ purchases for each single Online COurse we offer. Talking to you @DuncanHamra :slight_smile:



Hi Cat,

Yeah I remember reading about what you’re looking to do in a different post. I don’t think you want different membership levels in MemberStack to correspond to each purchased item a member has access to. That would be a huge headache.

What you’re looking for should be doable with MemberStack’s Client Dashboard Template + Webflow eCommerce plan + Zapier. If you’re unfamiliar with Zapier, it’s an automation tool that connects with most services, including Webflow and MemberStack. Think of it as the middleman that allows Webflow and MemberStack to talk to each other. Most MemberStack users use Zapier to automate actions on their website.

Here are some big-picture steps you might be able to play around with (although I could be way off):

  • Using Webflow eCommerce, you list all course (you’re selling courses, right?) as items for sale. You will sell your courses via Webflow eCommerce, and not MemberStack (BTW I have no idea how Webflow eCommerce works)

  • Create a “Courses” CMS database in Webflow. This is where the master list of your all available courses for sale will live. You’ll need to manually add all your courses to this database

  • Create a “Members” CMS database in Webflow. This is the master list of all your members. You will configure Zapier in one of the steps below so that when a new member joins, Zapier will “zap” that member into this database from MemberStack. You won’t manually add each member here.

  • In the “Members” CMS database above, create a multi-reference field called “Purchased Courses” which links to the above “Courses” CMS database. This field is where you would track which courses that particular member should have access to

  • New member joins via your website, and is added to MemberStack

  • Create a zap in Zapier, and configure it so that when new members join in MemberStack, that trigger will zap that new member into the above Webflow “Members” CMS database. There are MemberStack tutorials on how to do this

  • (This step I’m a little fuzzy about) When a member makes a purchase in Webflow, you want to add that new purchase into their “Purchased Courses” multi-reference field in their Webflow database. Perhaps you will need to do it manually if all else fails, but I think Zapier has a “New Webflow purchase” trigger that might work. Essentially you want to build a zap that, when a member makes a new purchase, it will trigger Zapier to update that member’s profile in the “Members” CMS database in Webflow. The action is called “Update Live Item” in Zapier, and you want to update the member’s “Purchased Courses” field to include that purchase they just made

  • Create a member-specific page (perhaps using the Client Dashboard Template I linked in my previous post), add a CMS Collection List element into that page where you would like your members to see their purchased courses. Link that list to the “Courses” database. Now, any logged in member will be able to see a list of all of your courses

  • Using the “Filter” setting, filter that list to show only the courses that particular signed-in member has purchased (Duncan does something similar with client documents in the second half of Part 4 of his tutorials for the Member Dashboard Template). The result is a signed-in member will only see a list of courses they have purchased due to the filtering

  • Add a link block to each list item (course) and configure the link to take the user to that particular course. The result is a member will see a list of courses they bought, be able to click on any course in that list, and that will take them to another page where that course will be shown

You’ll still need to iron out a few details, but I hope these steps are enough to get you thinking in the right direction!

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Hi @alankemsley thanks, I understand how that works and very familiar with Zapier.

I think unfortunately even though I’ll probably give it a go, it makes for an extremely expensive Memberstack as it literally just becomes a member information collection and dashboard use. Then there’s the added cost of nearly double for Webflow eCommerce.

Like I said prob consider it to see how it works but might not be worth it at this stage. And if there is a manual step that’s definitely not an option.

Cheers for the detailed rundown, I’ll let you know if I end up going for it!