Memberstack / Webflow - Job board features

Hey Guys,

First of all, hats off for a fantastic product! Huge fan of what you guys are doing and I really think your product is a huge enabler for a variety of fields.

I have a few questions I was hoping you could help address. I’m looking into using memberstack to power a job board, both to allow a) candidates to create and manage their profiles, and b) recruiters to post job listings. I know there are some other threads in this forum to cover part of the questions to follow here, but I’d like to have an exhaustive overview of features and limitations.

Here’s my questions:

  1. Currently, I’m testing the ability for users to signup and create their profile. Everything is neatly set up between a webflow form, zapier, airtable and collection items. The first limitation I’ve encountered here is that each user needs to have 2 collection items on 2 collection lists in webflow: one is private and allows users to re-edit submitted information (where the url slug is member id, and only visible to the relative member), and the second is meant to publicly visualize a profile (where the URL slug is more readable and open to everyone). While this situation works just fine, it also drastically reduces the total amount of members one can use in webflow. The limit is 10,000 items per account in webflow, so this caps the total userbase to 5000. Is there any workaround to this workflow that would allow using all 10,000 entries while giving each user the freedom to easily re-edit their profile?
  2. Adding on to the previous question: does memberstack work across subdomains? If a member is signed up on or just, would it be possible to keep him logged-in on and so gate content on a different subdomain?
  3. If you were to introduce and offer a new paid service to your existing userbase which is now set to “free” plan, how would you go about migrating members by offering them a choice to upgrade without having to sign up again?
  4. Is there a way to allow a different type of user/member to pay either a recurring subscription or a one-off payment without signing up? (Eg. Pay xx USD for posting a job listing for 30 days). Similarly, can the payment be processed/embedded in one (webflow) form submission?
  5. Adding to the previous point, and assuming signup is mandatory to process a payment, I guess users can easily up and/or downgrade between plans anytime? Is there a way to create a member-only custom dashboard that allows us to track how many entries (job listings) are allowed within a given plan? Similarly, can this same dashboard show insights around impressions and clicks of managed job listings? Assuming external 3party tools and/or custom codes can help effectively track these interactions (any clues?).

Thanks in advance!