Memberstack + Webflow Questions

Hi there, I’ve got a few questions…

A friend of mine is looking to set up a website where users can sign up to become a member. Once signed up they are then added into a mailing list to members-only content. They’re looking to run an initial offer to boost membership offers. I’ve done my research and am part of various groups who all point to memberstack as the prominent platform for this solution in combination with Webflow. My Questions are:

  1. They want to run an initial offer of £1 for a week’s trial, then if they don’t cancel, the member will renew on the monthly membership plan. Is this possible?
  2. Do I need to have an e-commerce plan with webflow or can I use a basic plan, as memberstack is an integration so I assume it would act as a separate payment platform to Webflow?
  3. What payment options can users have when signing up (i.e. Paypal, Apple Pay etc)?
  4. Can I do all of this with Memberstacks Pro Plan?

I think that’s all…

These questions may seem quite obvious, so I apologise in advance, but this will be my first time building a membership website so I just wanted to clear things up.



Hey Jake :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Great questions! Let me see if I can answer them all for ya!

  1. You can have trial accounts with Memberstack but they are free and when they expire the member will be displayed a credit card form to fill out.
  2. You can use a basic plan with Webflow.
  3. We use Stripe payments.
  4. This depends on how many users you plan on having.

Your questions are great! If anything else comes up while building your first site just let me know here in the forums! :smiley: