Memberstack + Webflow ... using Memberstack info to populate Webflow CMS

Hi guys, interested to get some thoughts regarding a client website request. (apologies for the long post)

The client runs a weekly farmers market, they have a website currently (not by me) with CMS for blog etc.

They are wanting a more integrated/automated and streamlined approach which would reduce the amount of repetitive data input (currently there’s a combination of emailed forms, Google Sheets, Dropbox, Excel etc)

I’ve researched and some great solutions involving Memberstack and Zapier integrated with Webflow look great.

Ultimately, I’m thinking of individual login areas for stallholders and volunteers (memberstack?) Stallholders would add their details (product info, image etc) and also the dates they will be at the market. Volunteers could login to add remove dates they are available.

All this info would feed into an ‘admin’ area, for reporting and invoicing (Xero integration) with relevant info from the stallholders input to appear on their own page via Webflow CMS which would be public - logo, product info, dates they are at market etc.

Appreciate any input !

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Hey Richard :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Hope to see you more frequently in the community! The capabilities of Memberstack are large. Especially with the Zapier integration. Ill post a few videos here you can watch to see what is possible!


@ChrisDrit See I told ya! I have your site bookmarked now :smiley:

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@ChrisDrit looking forward to seeing more tutorials from ya!

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@Dev the two top links from NoCodeQuest are my screencast walkthroughs, happy to answer any direct questions related to them, just ask here!

You’re awesome @Josh-Lopez :pray: (working on more as we speak!)


Cheers Josh… Memberstack looks amazing for sure!! Been checking out all those vids… particularly found that Connors vid was a great realtime sumary of the possibilities… it kind of made everything fall in to place with my thoughts! Look forward to keeping in touch!

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