Memberstack webhook IP address

What’s the IP address Memberstack sends webhooks from?

I’d like to restrict a webhook I created to data coming from Memberstack only.

Great question!!

Right now we don’t have a fixed IP address, but this is likely to change in a few months. Currently, our IP would be in AWS’s US-East IP range.

I think whitelisting an IP address would be a good step in security but like most things, IP addresses can be spoofed.

For maximum security, we should add a way for you to verify webhook signatures. That way, you could 100% of the time verify if a webhook was actually sent from us or not.

Do you think webhook signatures would be something you would use if we had it?

I’m currently using Integromat and Zapier and I’d need to check if they can verify webhook signatures.

But the more secure the better. I think it’s definitely worth it adding it and we will find a way to make it work on our side.

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Awesome thanks. I’ll be sure to post updates here as we have them.

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