Memberstack x Jotform


I’m considering the option of using JotForm to make my life easier (and avoid dealing with validation, date pickers etc ).

But unfortunately they don’t let me add custom attributes like ms-field and ms-profile to their form and input tags.

Is there any other way I could go about linking form and fields to Memberstack without this custom attributes?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Gus, we have Zapier integration with a “create member” zap. You could use that to zap a user’s info from a JotForm submission right into MemberStack.

Note: this feature is only available on our 49/mo plan.

Thanks for the reply, Duncan!

It would work fine for creating a new member. But, unfortunately it wouldn’t work for updating members. IMO, one of the most amazing features of Memberstack is the way it pre-fills forms containing the right ms-field attributes.

Guess I’ll have to ditch JotForm and try to write the form myself :muscle:

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