Memberstack x React: Example Code

Hello all,

I’m currently trying to integrate memberstack with React and I’m finding that the login and signup modals work on the first page load, but I’m not seeing the user authenticated after the redirect. It appears the re-rendering is not playing nicely with memberstack.

I’ve read through quite a few tickets and its seems like memberstack integration with Frontend frameworks such as React and Vue are possible.

Does any community member have a successful React login signup & ‘display profile’ example they can share?
I believe an example of a successful integration with a frontend framework would help me and many others after me.


Hey Samuel,

We don’t have a native React integration yet which is why it’s a bit tricky to setup. That said, we have had React users successfully set it up using our reload function.

In order to make sure that Memberstack is aware of your state changes, call MemberStack.reload() in order to make sure Memberstack is in sync with the updates.

Hey Tyler,

For some reason even when I check my window I have never seen the isAuthenticated set to true after login, even though I can see the correct user information in window.memberstack.information

From the user perspective memberstack logs in fine and redirects to the correct url, but it appears my user is not authenticated according to memberstack post redirect

I’ve tried to run the MemberStack.reload() function to no avail so far

Any ideas?

Turns out my two days of chasing this bug came down to me developing on localhost facepalm

If anyone else is stuck with the above, please make sure you are deployed to a url.
localhost via ngrok etc wont work either.