MemberStack + Zapier New Member not firing


I’ve recently created an integration with Zapier, that when a new Member is added to MemberStack, it will alert Zapier and Zapier will insert that member into MailChimp with the correct tags. This has worked well when I am testing which essentially forces the retrieval of the member info and submits, however, I’ve had several new members sign up today and nothing has been inserted.

How often is data sent via the Zapier integration or is there something wrong?

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Zapier actions should be pretty fast. Do you see any errors in your zaps?

Hey @DASH and @Josh-Lopez

I’ve got exactly the same issue. Simple Zap that should be triggered when a new Memberstack user is created and it often misses.

Last week we had 12 people create a Memberstack account (through another Zapier and Typeform), and 3 out of these 12 new users didn’t trigger the Zap.

There is also no mention of it in the Zapier log/history nor any errors. The Zap is just not triggered, so there’s no record of it.

Any idea why this could be happening?


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Would you mind adding your issue to our bug form here please? We are trying to keep better track of bugs. :grinning:

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Hey @joey, @DASH

Quick update regarding the Zapier bug you submitted.

Our developers had a look into this and after a bit of searching, it seems like this error happens when the endpoint URL (zapier in this case) has an expired certificate.

It seems to be hit and miss as over the past 7 days, only 20 webhooks failed to send out of 1000’s.

So we have reached out to Zapier to see if they can take a look.

I will keep you updated🙏

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