Memberstack + Zapier

Hi I am trying to use the Memberstack API but it seems to be very limited. I would love to putt data from Firebase and use zapier to convert that data from Firebase over to Webflow. I just don’t what API’s are available. Maybe I am missing something.

Love Memberstack and this chat forum.

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Hey @jw927, are you trying to take data from MemberStack or put it in MemberStack? From the way your request reads, it seems you want to send data to firebase then loop that into Webflow. Unfortunately, without understanding the details of what you’re trying to do it hard to offer advice that’s helpful to you.

Can you elaborate a bit more on what you’re trying to do from a business/functional point of view?

Sorry for the confusion. I basically want outside data to come into the Memberstack database. (Which zapier or another way).

No worries! Does this need to happen without the user being logged in at the time? For example, some nightly routine that runs, etc. Or should it be while the user is logged in?

Ideally while the user is logged in. I’ve tried using the Memberstack API but it’s very brief. I love to push data from another API to directly update Memberstack.

If it’s while the user is logged in, then it would be more of a “GET” from your external data source to pull in the data and update via the JS API. What kind of data are you updating? Custom fields? MemberStack metadata?

The best way I’ve found for working with data like this is to leverage Integromat vs Zapier because with Zapier you can’t get an HTTP response back from the API whereas with Integromat you can treat it almost like your own API that can run CORS valid requests with a proper HTTP response with your data.

My apologies if I’m wearing my nerd hat a bit too tight.

Oh. Haven’t tried Integromat. That will probably work for me. Thank you so much for your help and fast responses. You’re the best

My pleasure. Focus in on the “Webhook Response” step which is the key feature you’ll need.