Memberstack's Beta API

We’ve launched a new RESTful API that makes it possible for developers to directly interact with their website’s member data. The new API allows developers to programmatically query, update, and delete their members :tada:

Our goal is to make Memberstack more accessible for all people with and without a technical background, so we’re incredibly excited to extend functionality here. Feel free to join the #developers channel on our Slack community.


oh my! This is incredible!

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Thanks for creating this API! I, for one, plan on using it in the near future.


This is awesome, well done team!


Would this allow for a developer to access information from each members profile, I have a multipage signup form on my site

I wan’t to use the members info collected from the memberstack multistep form to build a search member function on the front end of the site using zapier, airtable / google sheets.

or would the developer be best implementing that in the platform they build by taking the info from Memberstack?

also, will the api make all info available from the multipage signup form or would that only be available through a google sheet / airtable?

Hey karl :wave:

There are lots of ways you can do this. You can retrieve a list of members with the new API so you could use it for a search. I think to get the best answer you would need to come up with a workflow and ask a developer how they would implement it for your specific use case. We have some great freelancers that can be reached by submitting our Find an Expert form.

The API is really what made me choose this service. Is there any rate limit on the API?