Memberstack's communication with Stripe concerning cancelled subscriptions

I am working on a zap that triggers when a member’s billing period ends and the membership is cancelled, not when the member cancels his or her subscription to my site and has time left on his or her paid billing period.

When I look at Memberstack’s triggers in Zapier, I do not see a good option for creating this kind of behavior. When I look at Stripe’s triggers, Stripe has the following trigger event:

Canceled Subscription

Triggers when a subscription is canceled (by a subscriber or due to end of billing period)

My question is the following: when a member cancels his or her subscription through Memberstack, does Memberstack just set the “end of billing period” to whatever the date is prior to the next period the member subscribed to (i.e., if I have a monthly membership, the period would be monthly, if weekly, the period would be weekly, etc.)

I just need some idea of the actual behavior before I start making zaps and potentially causing issues :grinning:

Thanks in advance!

Hey Andrew :wave:

I got some clarification from the team about this question. You can use our Membership Canceled trigger in zapier. For recurring membership plans when a member cancels, the zap is fired at the end of the billing cycle. :grinning:

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Fantastic. Thank you for your help!

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I have renewal reminder emails coming out of ActiveCampaign based on the membership status being active. However, if the membership canceled zap isn’t triggered until the end of the billing cycle, I don’t get timely updates in AC on their status. Is there a known workaround for this?