Might be a silly question - multi step signups

Hi everyone!

Loving memberstack so far, been super easy to setup memberships with webflow.

I’m building a new product and I wanted to see if its possible with memberstack to build a multi-step sign up and then at the end, the check out process.


Hi, @reviel!

There is a great tutorial on creating a multi-step sign in, BUT the payment will be the first step :woman_shrugging:t3: https://www.memberstack.io/tutorial/multi-step-signup-forms

Though the workaround I could try would be to make it that the 1-st step will create a free account and then the last step will be updating that account to a paid one.

As a result, you will get a workflow with the payment at the end, but if a user will “give up” in the middle, you will end up with the free user in memberstack.


Hello @reviel I am currently setting up a site and using the exact process that @Sabanna mentioned. It’s actually a good way to collect the user’s information during the sign-up and if they give up and don’t actually pay then you can add them to an abandoned cart process.


Thanks for the tips guys, I’ll try it out!

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Just reached this post while looking for a way to have the payment as a last step of the sign up process.

How can I make the last step update the account?

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Did you ever get an answer to this @gusvd?

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@Alastair_Budge not yet, sorry

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Still working out the exact details of a cart abandonment feature, but I’ve included more info at the bottom of this post. See step 5: http://help.memberstack.com/en/articles/3888335-create-multi-step-signup-flows