Migrating members to a new organisation

My client currently uses memberstack for the existing organisation.

A new organisation is being set up that will take over all functions.

How do I migrate members that want to join the new organisation?

a) Could I run a permission check for all existing members, clean the database and then re-name the existing setup and re-point to the new website?


b) Would I have to set up an entirely new memberstack and have them join a new subscription for the new org.

I am worried about the second option as how would it take into account peoples current subscriptions?

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Hey Roocypher :wave:

Great questions! Will the stripe account associated to Memberstack and the new organization be the same? Are these memberships free or paid? Do you want members to have to opt into the new organization or done without them knowing?


Yes, same stripe account. Memberships are paid and an opt in would be great if that is possible.



If this is the case I would suggest sending out an email explaining the situation to the members. This email would be an opt out email instead of an opt in. You could say something like “If you would like to end your subscription please use the cancel subscription button in your profile.”. Do you need to rename your membership plans?

Hiya, yes that’s what I was thinking re: permissions.

There will be two additional membership options. Monthly and annual for a different type of member at different price points.

My main concern is changing the organisation name and website over (sorry if you are coming to this!)

I’m currently building a new WebFlow website so also wondering if there is a way to test the new an up form etc?

Thank you very much for your help on this.

No problem! You should be able to use the same header code on your new website. The Memberstack URLs are relative and only used during test mode. :grinning:

Okay great!

So when it comes to switchover, do I just delete the old website from the memberstack settings and add the new?

Yes you can do that if you want. You would go here and change the testing domain. :+1:

Okay great. What would I do when it comes to launching the new organisation. The new site will be a different domain, so do I just add the new website under ‘my websites’, and then delete the old one in ‘Danger zone’? And the new site will have the same database of members?

Sorry just want to establish clear steps here

You can use the same Memberstack account. On the same page you can change the site name. If you delete the site then you will also delete all the members.

Okay, good to know. So that is in site settings? How do I repoint to the new domain?

Sorry to keep at you!

Or is it that I would have to just re-point the existing website? i.e we cant unlink that from the memberstack account so:

Im currently building a new one , but I guess I could take down and replace the current site with version 2 and then repoint that?

Would that keep everything linked?

Memberstack uses relative paths for URLs so it technically doesnt matter where the code is. Have time for a quick zoom call?

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Hi yes that would be great thanks!

just messaged you an invite :grinning:

Hi, sorry do have a further question.

I needed to change and add to the sign up form. Will it be okay to do that without messing with the current live site?

What are you trying to change for the sign up form? If its a custom signup form then you wouldn’t mess with the other site. If it is a Memberstack modal then what you do to it will show on both sites.


Basically changing the names of some fields, reformatting and adding new data capture.

It is custom so I think I’m okay.


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