Migrating Stripe members from Memberstack

I would like the option of exporting my paying members from Memberstack to my own stripe account in the future.

I may never do this, but I would like the option. If go with a custom solution, and move away from Memberstack, I don’t want to loose the relationship with my members.

My question is:

  1. Can I migrate one of my members who signed up through my Memberstack account to being a subscription in my own Stripe account?

  2. Is this possible with the endpoint provided? https://docs.memberstack.com/endpoints/members-1


Hey Ronan :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

We have a great article on exporting data from stripe here . As for your questions, you should be able to change things around in your stripe account. I do advise you not to change unless you are wanting to go another direction because it could change the way Memberstack works for members. :grinning:

Thanks for your response Josh. I think I have misunderstood the payment system, as I thought it would mean that my members would not appear in my Stripe account if I used Memberstack (i.e. they would technically sign up to Memberstack, and then Memberstack would pay my Stripe account).

So if I now understand correctly, if I use Memberstack, and my members sign up to a paid subscription on my site, are they now subscribers in my own Stripe account? As in this case my mirgration question is not relevant :slight_smile:

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You are correct Ronan. When members signup they are added to your stripe account. :grinning:

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