"Missing Credentials" on sign up page

Everything has been working fine on my sign up page until today. I don’t know what I’ve done, but I keep getting a red bar “Missing credentials” when submitting the form.

As I say, the form has been working well up until today - so I’m not too sure what’s up.

I’ve tried the the help guidance here: https://help.memberstack.io/post/troubleshooting-forms

…but no luck.

The form is here: mannequins.webflow.io/user/register

…and lots of green ticks when doing the validation on the forms & signup admin page.

I’d be very grateful if someone could check and advise.

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I think this can happen when MemberStack can’t find the appropriate fields in the form. In your case it might be the password field that is causing the confusion. I see that you have the name of “password-2” for your password. Not sure if this will work, but you might want to try going into Webflow and changing the ID, name, input name, etc. of your password input field to just “password” with a lower-case “p”, and without the “2”.

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Also, not sure if this is causing the issue, but I noticed you have the “data-ms-membership” custom attribute assigned to your “Create My Account” button. That attribute name and value don’t need to be on that button. Those are meant to be placed on the link or button that takes you to this signup page in the first place (which I don’t see anywhere on your site yet).


Thanks Alan. So i’m slowly figuring this out. I’ve tidied up the form as suggested and I get the bit about the “data-ms-membership” - I’ve now added that to a new page with a button configured with that attribute. In fact I used the “#/ms/signup/5…” link instead. This is now opening a pop up modal for user to register which is fine, but I prefer to have them directed to the sign up page I have made.
Trying to figure that bit out… and then I should be good to go. :wink:

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Got it all working now. Thanks, @alankemsley - I missed the point about the sign-up button and the actual form button being two different things… plus I did add the link on the sign-up button with the correct data and all worked perfectly. No pop-up modals - all good.