Modals not popping up

I’m setting up Memberstack on a Rocketspark website, and I’m not having much luck with popup modals nor custom forms.

Using the link implementation, nothing happens, there is no hidden form on the page in the Inspector, and don’t see anything logged in the console.

Using the data attribute implementation for a signup form, I do see hidden forms in the Inspector, but when clicked I get a JS error in the console:
Uncaught TypeError: z is not a function
at HTMLAnchorElement. (memberstack.js?custom:1)

One other thing I tried was to put the tag right after the opening tag rather than in the but it didn’t make a difference. Here’s the link to my login page, with both a button and a signup link:

Hoping someone can help, or at least confirm/deny that Memberstack can work on a Rocketspark website. Thanks!

Hello, I have ran into the same issue and was wondering if you or anyone knew how to fix it.