Monthly and Yearly Subscription Options

Is there a feature where a user can choose from a monthly or yearly subscription?

Right now we’re offering a plan that is $10/mo but I want to give the option for the user to purchase the yearly plan at $100/yr which is cheaper than paying monthly for one year.

Do you guys have this option? I know @DuncanHamra said he’s working on this… when do you think this will be available?


Hi Aj,

We do have plans of adding more pricing options per membership. We don’t have an ETA yet for that though.

That said, for now you can create a new membership with the 100/yr pricing. So you would end up having a $10/mo membership and a $100/mo membership.

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I’d love to see this too. Any update? Or is there a place we can upvote feature requests?

I would love to see that too

I’m just chipping in to say that this would be a fantastic feature. I plan to offer a 20% discount to yearly plans, so I’m guessing for now I’ll just have to create separate monthly / yearly memberships

Hello, same here. It would be so great to see this option.
@belltyler, do you maybe have an ETA already?