More than one member specific pages

I want to create an educational website with students, teachers, etc. Each one of them will have access to their specific page students are going to be able to see their topics, files, etc and the teachers will be able to see their own specific page with the students they have, the students files, their own files, etc

the students and teachers come from collections in webflow and you know every collection has it’s own slug

that’s why I wanted to have something to differentiate where the specific pages are coming from

Hope this makes sense


Hi @aaron! Thanks for reposting this. I’m feeling less brain dead today :smiley:

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Remove the folder/CMS file path from the Power-ups page.
  2. Select a member on the Members page & specify the entire file path for that member’s page.

Because you removed the file path from the Power-ups page, it’s now possible to access a member’s specific page by guessing the page url. You can get around this issue by using an unguessable string as the url. For example: use instead of