Moving members to other site

Hi, I have some members in memberstack in my first site, now we are creating a new site (2nd site) and need to move the members to the new site so they can keep their passwords & information. Is that possible? The new site is a subdomain of the old site.


Hey Ruben :wave:

Great question! You could use the same header code for your subdomain so all the information is the same. Memberstack can actually be used on many different sites for the same account. The URLs in Memberstack are relative. The only reason why we ask for the domain is for the testing phase so we can check to see if the scripts are installed right. :grinning:

Thank you Josh. Question on this, since I would be changing the main website (i.e. currently is called for example but will be moved to would this affect the sites that are given access on each membership? For each membership I give access to certain pages but all start with (e.g. Do I need to create a new site or sub-site in memberstack and specify the new pages for each membership perhaps?


Memberstack uses relative URLs so you should be fine. :grinning:

This means if you have a site URL of and and want to hide /hidden-content like and both would work.

ok great thanks. So basically I don’t need to do anything and should work on both sites. Perfect I will try it. Will keep you posted. Thanks Josh.

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Hi @Josh-Lopez, I have a question on this topic. We are creating a new site, and we would like the members of our current site to have access as well with the same account/password. It’s that possible?