Ms-data on select field


I’ve made my own custom profile and update profile page using ms-field and ms-data. On the profile page all the account information show well. However on the form where they can update their profile information, the ms-data doesn’t seem to be working on the select field. It shows the first item in the list.

Would someone know how to fix this issue?


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This is what I use for an update profile page. I’ve never had an issue. I have several select inputs on my profile page, each implemented just like this inside the form.

<form method="post" action="" ms-update="profile" redirect="/">
<select id="workflow" ms-field="simpledetailed">
		<option value="" disabled selected>Select Workflow</option>
		<option value="Simple" >Simple</option>
		<option value="Detailed">Detailed</option>
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Hi @Scott

Thanks for the help - on my form i use ms-data so it shows the option they already have saved on their profile. But it’s only showing the first option rather than the correct one.

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EDITL: Upon further thought, my response here isn’t necessary so I deleted it. I believe the ms-update="profile" part in conjunction with ms-field="simpledetailed" selects the correct value for the select input.

Thanks @Scott!

I can confirm that for ms-update forms, ms-field is used instead of ms-data

I had both ms-data and ms-field on it.

With both on it was showing the first item on the list
With only ms-field it shows the placeholder “Select one”