Ms-data pull in Video

Hi! Is it possible to pull in the URL for a video into a the video element in webflow from a memberstack profile?

I use Ms-data for profile picture, but I also want to use a video in the same way.

Is it doable?


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Hey Paul ,

Memberstack can’t yet handle video content. Currently our users combine Webflow CMS + Memberstack with Zapier to selectively show content to specific types of members!

Let me know if you need any help😀

Hey Paul :wave:

This would be very cool, but unfortunately no :disappointed:

That said, I’m sure it’s possible with a bit of js…

I spent 10-20 minutes, but couldn’t get it to work… but that’s not saying much. I don’t know a thing about JS.

Hi Paul - I’m trying to figure out a solution to allow users to update their profile photos. It sounds like you have this figured out already?