MS links not working, error in memberstack.js

Hi there,

Memberstack has stopped working.

I first saw the issue on desktop Safari. It is also not working on mobile Safari and mobile Chrome. Desktop Chrome appears to be fine.

I can login as a user using Memberstack, but then none of the Memberstack links work.

I believe this is because memberstack.js isn’t loading properly because it’s failing at line 286. See below for the console error as reported by Safari.

I recently changed the URL of my site, but I think I’ve updated it everywhere properly.

Also, I have already tried clearing cookies.

You can see it here: (pw: polished2020)

Login with; Tester47

Please let me know what you think.


Hi Will, thank you for posting!

I am unable to replicate the problem but it might be because I have different version numbers.

Can you post what version of Safari you have? Also, version of mobile chrome would be helpful as well.

Thanks! :grinning:

Hi Tyler,

Desktop Safari : 12.0.1
Mobile Chrome: 670.3396.87

Wait, so when you go here with Safari and login with credentials;Tester47 , you don’t see the JavaScript error in the console?

If you don’t see the error upon login, try clicking one of the MS links in the toolbar, like Profile or Logout.


I changed the test user credentials. Now they are:

Login here:

This issue should be fixed now. Thank you Will for creating the loom video you submitted in your bug report! It helped a lot. :smiley:

Hey there Josh!

The original issue is fixed, which is great. Thank you!

However, unfortunately the same syntax error is now happening elsewhere, again in Safari 12.0.1 on desktop.

memberstack.js is now erroring out at line 679, with:

SyntaxError: The string did not match the expected pattern.

Made another Loom showing more detail :slight_smile:

(FYI, I also sent this to Tyler personally, since he’d emailed me about the issue.)

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