MS Login not redirecting at random times on React

I am currently making a React app which uses Memberstack. Here, most of the time I am able to log in successfully and it will redirect the user to the correct page, and I am able to access member data.

However, the problem is that some times the login fails, and I have to retry to login. There is no error message such as too many attempts, incorrect password, etc. It just fails to redirect to the correct page the first time and has be login a second time.

Taking a look at the API docs, there doesn’t seem to be a method or callback for which I can get the success/failure response when logging in to further debug.

Any help on this is much appreciated.

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Could you please provide more information? Maybe a could help us figure out what is going on. Off the top of my head it feels like this could be a https:// vs http:// issue.

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Here’s a link to the loom video:

Also the website is using https://

interesting. I am, passing this on to our dev team to see if we can replicate it. Is this site live and do you have a url so we can take a look?



here are logins to a test account if that helps debug.


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It looks like you have 2 of the same Memberstack scripts on the page. This needs to be in your tag and only have 1 instance. :smiley:

Hey Josh,

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I tried what you suggested and now I only have 1 instance of the MemberStack script being loaded. However, I am still getting the same issue.

Here’s a new link with the update:

same logins.

it seems to be working for me every time i try now.

try clearing your cookies to make sure

Hey Josh,

Here’s a video of the issue:
Hopefully it helps debug.


Just looked again and made a loom video of me using it. The only thing I found was hitting the rate limit for logging in and out quickly.