MS Triggers, Zapier, and Field Data

After tesing and building Zaps with MS, Zapier, and ActiveCampaign, I finally figured out the key items that are missing.

With Memberstack, there are three triggers:

  1. New Member
  2. Member Updated
  3. Membership Canceled

But ONLY “New Member” will provide ALL the data from the MS account fields (including custom fields)

“Member Updated” will not give things like Membership IDs, Amounts, Custom Fields, Status, etc.

So my question is this:

If a member downgrades/upgrades - Does this trigger a “NEW MEMBER” instead of an update? Additionally, does it “cancel” their previous membership?

I believe Active Campaign will allow the Zap to overwrite data in AC as long as the emails match. If this is the case, unless “Member Updated” or “Membership Canceled” receive all the additional info that “New Member” retrieves, can I just use “New Member” as the trigger for ALL membership changes? This way I can always pass on dynamic data like membership IDs, amounts, and custom fields.

As I’m talking this out, I think what is happening is that “Member Updated” only sends info that the member’s themselves can manually update on their end (email, name, [all visible fields], etc.), but does NOT include when their membership itself is updated (like upgrading/downgrading). Is this accurate?

Hey @jakev,

Thank you that was really nicely explained😅

You are correct, you aren’t notified when a member upgrades/downgrades. This is currently a missing feature but I am going to loop @belltyler in here just to confirm.

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