MS Triggers, Zapier, and Field Data

After tesing and building Zaps with MS, Zapier, and ActiveCampaign, I finally figured out the key items that are missing.

With Memberstack, there are three triggers:

  1. New Member
  2. Member Updated
  3. Membership Canceled

But ONLY “New Member” will provide ALL the data from the MS account fields (including custom fields)

“Member Updated” will not give things like Membership IDs, Amounts, Custom Fields, Status, etc.

So my question is this:

If a member downgrades/upgrades - Does this trigger a “NEW MEMBER” instead of an update? Additionally, does it “cancel” their previous membership?

I believe Active Campaign will allow the Zap to overwrite data in AC as long as the emails match. If this is the case, unless “Member Updated” or “Membership Canceled” receive all the additional info that “New Member” retrieves, can I just use “New Member” as the trigger for ALL membership changes? This way I can always pass on dynamic data like membership IDs, amounts, and custom fields.

As I’m talking this out, I think what is happening is that “Member Updated” only sends info that the member’s themselves can manually update on their end (email, name, [all visible fields], etc.), but does NOT include when their membership itself is updated (like upgrading/downgrading). Is this accurate?

Hey @jakev,

Thank you that was really nicely explained😅

You are correct, you aren’t notified when a member upgrades/downgrades. This is currently a missing feature but I am going to loop @belltyler in here just to confirm.

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Hi - it has been awhile since this post.

At minimum - I just need the “Membership Subscribed To” field to populate with the “Member Updated” trigger from Memberstack.

Essentially, if a member upgrades or downgrades, I need Zapier to change their permissions on things automatically.

i.e. If a member is created for the first time, I can pull in the “Membership Subscribed To” in a Zap and allow it to trigger things. But if they upgrade their subscription… doesn’t the “Membership Subscribed To” belong in the “member updated” trigger, so I can automate the change of their permissions elsewhere?

OR - When someone upgrades/downgrades, does Memberstack treat this as a “NEW” member to a NEW membership??

Regardless, an answer to the above would help me push my client’s project out.

Thank you

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Hi guys!

Any thoughts on this?

so I can automate the change of their permissions elsewhere?

Could you describe this a bit more? Where are the permissions? What kind of permissions?

I ask because you can show and hide different CMS templates or snippets of your page based upon membership. So if a user upgrades from the free to the paid membership (as an example) you can have different “members only content” that handles permissions (access).

Both in ActiveCampaign (email/CRM) and permissions in Discord. They have access to different channels in Discord based on their membership. We currently manage this manually, but it’s a pain.

I figured out how to automate Discord permissions using Zapier with other tasks like if they purchase a single item from a Stripe checkout, but I can’t automate their permissions based on their membership level if we can’t pull in the membership they changed to during an upgrade or downgrade.

@jakev which would be more useful?

  1. including current membership ID in updated member trigger
  2. having a new “membership changed” trigger that includes current ID.

Hi @belltyler !

Assuming the “updated member” trigger happens when users upgrade/downgrade (or otherwise change plans or their personal info)… number 1 would suffice.

To be clear - the property I need to pull is the “Membership Subscribed To” property (I know each member has an “ID” too, so I wanted to just make sure). So if they have membership A and upgrade to membership B, I’d like to update our records with the new “membership subscribed to” ID number on our CRM and trigger automations based on that new membership subscribed to ID.

My current example:

  1. The client now has a new webflow site with memberstack - launching soon
  2. The client has a service that highly utilizes Discord as a chatroom
  3. I use Zapier to add/remove/update roles in Discord based on their membership tier (the roles give them different permissions within Discord based on their membership tier)
  4. We use ActiveCampaign as a CRM/ESP to house all of our members’ information (including email, discord username, MS information, etc.) - it is the main hub

Right now, if a member signs up on the site (via MS), they get added to the CRM via zapier AND zapier automatically adds roles to their username in discord based on the “membership subscribed to” property.

If a member eventually upgrades OR downgrades to a different tier via the MS-linked buttons on the site, there is currently no way to change their permissions on Discord automatically. I would have to make sure I check every day to see who did what and then change their permissions manually.

If I can create a zap based on the “member updated” trigger that overwrites the current CRM “membership subscribed to” field to the new membership tier ID, then I can automate their permissions with zapier again. :pray:

Thank you for all your help!

This screenshot from zapier currently shows the “member updated” trigger properties for our project.

I recognize these fields as only the visible fields on their account that they can change themselves.

I guess what I’m trying to do is include any membership tier changes on their account within the trigger as well - i.e. when the “membership subscribed to” property changes, I can use that to update and trigger so many automations that would help a LOT.

If it’s easier to make a completely new trigger that is just “membership tier updated” or whatever - then that’s totally fine, too. I just need their email address and their “membership subscribed to” property if/when they upgrade/downgrade to make this all click.

I can make this happen. I’ll do a bit of thinking on which will be easier on our end.

Sweet! Thank you.

In related fashion: we have a 7-day trial “membership” set up that expires in…7 days of course. Do we know if MS marks these accounts as “canceled” or something different?

If they don’t upgrade after 7 days I will need to remove them from Discord in a similar fashion as this topic’s thread, if that makes sense.

Right now, I automate an email notification to myself 7 days after they sign up to tell me to remove them.

Thanks again!

However, the upgrade/downgrade Zapier automation fix is much more of a priority at this point.

Hi @belltyler ! Any luck here?

We’re launching on Sunday it would make my day to have all my Zaps working beforehand. But if not, I can just manually manage upgrades/downgrades for now.

Let me know, thanks!

Hey @belltyler - just checking in on this. Maybe there is a better place for me to ask about updates? I don’t wanna annoy people here haha

Hey Jake! Just chiming in here with an idea — have you considered using the Stripe trigger in Zapier to check if a certain member is a customer in Plan X or Plan Y which can then trigger the actions you want to take?

Yeah, that could do it for now –

Except, I don’t see any of the MS subscriptions on our dashboard… any reason why?

Not sure how to make the zapier trigger without knowing how it looks within Stripe

Hey Jake :wave:

Is your stripe dashboard still not showing information? Also, do you have any paying members yet? I am just now coming in on this issue and I’m trying to understand. :smiley:

Hi @Josh-Lopez, we figured out the stripe issue about a week back so we’re all good there.

Passing the “Membership Subscribed To” field to Zapier when a member upgrades or downgrades is still the main issue I’m trying to solve.

Now that we have Stripe subscriptions occurring in our dashboard, I can go look at Naitik’s workaround idea. However, would still love to be able to trigger this based on Memberstack if possible, because we charge other things through our stripe account… so the zapier trigger of “new stripe charge” occurs for more things than just memberstack subscriptions… so we would have to do a lot of filtering magic to make it all work.


I took a look at the zapier integration and still don’t see this feature integrated. It’s on the list though. I understand this is frustrating and we are working hard on updating Memberstack. We recently started releasing updates on twitter and we just brought on another developer who is amazing.

Hi @Josh-Lopez - just checking in here. Any update?

Not yet Jake, I have this forum post marked so when it is available I can let you know :grinning: