Multi form not working urgent help needed

Help required - when I sign up using the form here - it doesn’t proceed to step 2 like it should after payment. Should it be taking a payment on step 1 or waiting until step 4 once all the info fields are filled in

Hey Karl :wave:

Happy to help! I just looked at the link you provided and it says page not found. Do you have another link I can look at? :grinning: Here is a great article about multi-step signup flows if you haven’t already seen it.

Hi Devjoshlopez,

I managed to get around it

However… i. need support asap for setting up a 14 day trial period but take credit card details at the signup form.

No problem Karl! Here is a great article explaining free trials. I hope this gets you on the right path!

Hi Devjoshlopez,

How do i go about setting this up from step 1 in that link

1. Can I require a credit card for my free trial so that I can automatically charge customers when the trial has finished?

  • Unfortunately it isn’t yet possible to require a credit card for free trials however this is definitely on our roadmap. For now there are some possible workarounds:

Workaround: If your current trial period is 30 days, we recommend giving folks a free ‘month’ coupon in place of a free trial that way you can collect their card details and automatically bill them when the coupon ends.

Here is an article on adding coupons. You would add a coupon and then display the coupon somewhere on your site so users can use it and get a “free trial”. I understand this is not ideal but this is in our roadmap. :grinning:

Thank you it was a great help.

Now i need to know some code to hide the Bill Monthly and price as they will see it as their next bill being 29.98 when it will really be £59.95