Multi-Step Signup Doesn't Redirect

Hey, guys! I have a three step onboarding process for new accounts and am looking on how to make the next step redirect (if that makes sense). Here is my set-up. Tried following the template below but keep running into the same issue.

Here is my setup.

  • Screen one is the create account screen. A form with the attribute, ms-signup, true. This creates the account and pops up with the modal for payment info.
  • Redirects to onboarding screen one. A form with ms-update, profile is there. However whenever this form is submitted it doesn’t redirect and a banner just shows Profile Updated at the bottom.
  • Screen three isn’t applicable because it doesn’t get there.

Should I be using different attributes to make this work or am I just missing something? Thanks so much!

Hi Logan!

For a redirect to happen you need a redirect attribute on your profile update form. Here is a link that should help :slightly_smiling_face:

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The redirect="/page" attribute on the Webflow form did the trick. Thanks @belltyler!