Multi-Step Signup: Sending data to Webflow via Zapier


Has anyone used Zapier to send member data back to Webflow, with a multi-step sign up form? I’m running into problem. I can send the data to Webflow to create a new item without issue. My challenge is, when the user updates their data (eg reg step 2), I want to have a second Zap that will find the item in Webflow an update it. The issue here is, when I select ‘update item’ in Zapier, the Item field did not exist in the ‘create item’ Zap, so I’m not sure what data needs to go here.

Any suggestions?

Hey Chris :wave:

Try adding a hidden field in your signup for the missing field. You can put a default value in like “undefined” and then it should be available to update later. :smiley:

Hi Josh - thank for your response.

From what I can tell, it looks like in Zapier, when you select the Member Stack trigger ‘new member created’ you are presented with more data, in this case, the Membership data which includes the ‘subscribed_to’ field. When it comes to connecting the data to the relevant fields of WebFlow, I don’t do anything with this data, it seems to just automatically use it to set the ‘Item ID’ in WebFlow.

Next, when I go to update the record in WebFlow, when a Member Stack profile is updated, I use the ‘member updated in Member Stack’ Zap. Here, however, only the Profile data is exposed. I cannot access the Member data which contains the ‘subscribed_to’ which I need to match with the ‘Item ID’ field later in the WebFlow part of the Zap.

I hope that makes sense.

Hey Chris,

Why not use Webflow to store the subscribed_to ID in plain text?

So your flow would look something like (simplified of course):

  1. Create member in Memberstack
  2. Create member in Webflow, ensure you populate a field (e.g. “Membership ID”) with the subscribed_to value.
  3. Update Memberstack with the information you need from step 2

Have I misunderstood?

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your response. WebFlow receives the subscribe_to value (without me assigning it to a field). My issue is that in Zapier, when I select ‘update a member’ - the ‘subscribed_to’ value isn’t available from the MemberStack side which is where I need to access it form, because I need to show to WebFlow that the incoming data belongs to a certain field.



Hey Chris :wave:

Let’s get on a call sometime next week and go over this and get you on the right track! :grinning:

Thanks Josh, hope you don’t mind I chose the last slot available as all other sessions were around 2-3am my time.

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