Multiple brand colours

Hi @DuncanHamra ,

Is it possible to have more than one brand colour? My main one is quite bright which is good for buttons, but not so much for the text in terms of readability. Would i be able to set up a secondary one?

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Hey @jvaleur, great question. I’ll add a spot in the UI for setting a secondary brand color. MemberStack itself is a perfect example of a brand color that works for buttons, but not for links.

You’re going to need some custom CSS to do this…

.ms-checkout-price, .ms-portal-sub-cancel, .ms-change-card, .ms-terms-of-use-link, .ms-skip-reset-email-link, .ms-login-or-signup, .ms-signup-reset  {
    color: #000000 !important;

Hey @DuncanHamra,
Thank you for this, is this code suppose to go somewhere on the Memberstack dashboard or on the website itself?

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Oh right! Please add that to the header or footer of your entire site :+1:

I would put it in the header, but either place should work.

Hi @DuncanHamra, Thank you for that, and for everyone looking to copy this code, the closing tag is missing the /.

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