Multiple buttons to member pages

Hey All,

Hoping someone can help, because I’m stumped.

Basically, I have two pages that relate to a member. Each member has a dashboard page (which is the default) and they can also have a scorecard page. I have set up the scorecard page as a field in MS & have put the relevant links into the field.

Within the topbar nav can link users to the dashboard as this is the default page by adding the attribute ms-user-page=“default” and that works fine, but I’m struggling to work out how I can pull the scorecard page as a different attribute so it can be displayed withing the topbar nav too.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi Jay!

Are you saving the scorecard link as a hidden profile field?

Hey Tyler!

Yeah correct - It’s currently saved within the user profile as a hidden field.

Even if we can’t override the button link like we do with the ms-user-page function it would be awesome if we could even extract the link into custom code and build a button around it (if that makes sense?).


We have some code floating around somewhere that does just that. I’ll look around for it here in a bit and will post it here.

ah found it in another post! Here’s a link to it

God you guys are absolute superstars. Thank you so much @belltyler.

And… if nothing else I’ve been reminded of having a proper look in the forum before re-asking questions :wink: