Multiple Language Translations

One cool feature request would be the option to toggle language translations, i.e. if they click a Spanish button it translates all the ms items to spanish, and if they toggle it back to english vice versa.



You’re probably already aware, but you can translate your site into another language right now.

I agree it would also be nice if members could quickly change the language themselves, or have the language change automatically in response to the user’s location/settings.

Is the rest of your site multilingual?

Thanks for the follow up!

Yup I saw the tutorial to translate. Yeah I have the rest of the site with multiple translations and wanted to see how to do this too :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have no idea how to code this myself, but I bet you could toggle between different translation JSON using some javascript?

How many different languages are you dealing with, and how do members change the language they see? If you have a small budget, we could probably connect you with a developer.