Multiple member dashboards (or member-specific pages)

I’m trying to create multiple user specific pages for my site. The idea is that they go to their user dashboard, click a link there, and are directed to another page that is also only visible to them. Would this process be the same as the dashboard process?


Hey @robertjett this is totally doable. You want to look at the Power-ups —> Member specific pages. With that turned on and having the “Member page” set for each member of your site, you can do what you need :sunglasses:

Hi @ChrisDrit, thanks for the response. I have already done this–I am looking to create a SECOND page that only this member is able to access. It does not necessarily have to be attached to their user ID, but rather I just want to restrict access on a page to a certain group (so that if you are not specifically given access to the page, you get a “Restricted” notice. ).

@robertjett So when you turn on “Member-specific pages” you get a new field in your Members profile. The field is the “Member page”

“This page is only accessible to this member”

If you have a “Members” CMS Collection, and the slug is matching the value here “5f7bf2fd2567c30004bb4be2” (as shown in the screenshot) then every member that signs up to your site get’s their own page or “dashboard” :sunglasses:

I’m looking for a way to do this as well- multiple protected pages per user. Any luck?