Multiple member pages per member

Hi there,

I’m building a portal with Webflow where I’ll be embedding dashboards for marketing agencies. The idea is for an agency to have a dedicated page that contains links to subpages (as many as clients they have), and those subpages would contain a dashboard for each client.

A client needs to have access to only one page (his dashboard page) but the agency users would need to have access to their dedicated page + all their clients’ pages.

Is that something I could do with Memberstack? So far it seems it’s only possible to allow one member page per member, and not several. If you know any workaround that would be awesome!




@bailey is the king of this. Idk how busy he is these days, but maybe he can share some wisdom :grin:


Hey @Antoine_Anicotte!!! And thanks for the mention @DuncanHamra! :smile:

This can definitely be done with some basic vanilla JS // MemberStack’s front-end API. Do you have a developer (and or budget) that you’re working with?

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Hi Bailey,

As much as possible I wanted a no-code solution, or at least very low budget :smiley: I’m building a POC and demo right now, that’s why.

So no way to achieve this easily without coding right? If I need to code, can you point me to some resources, or how much time do you think a developer would need to do that?

Thanks for the answers guys!


Totally, makes sense!

There’s no way to achieve this without coding, that would be correct. I can definitely help you with this, I don’t think it would take more than an hour and a half to have a working solution. Feel free to send me an email

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Hey @bailey @Antoine_Anicotte @DuncanHamra:

I’m trying to do this same exact thing to my webflow site (multiple protected pages per memberstack member). Is the solution you describe above publicly available somewhere, or would you be willing to share?


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