Multiple Membership Access (Bronze, Silver...)


I am wanting to create a site with multiple memberships, for example

  1. Bronze (Free)
  2. Silver (£x)

Someone who has silver membership will have access to all the bronze pages plus a link will be on the navbar of ‘silver’ to access that paid content.

The issue im having is for the Bronze members I don’t want them to see the ‘silver’ navbar link and so I have used ’ *ms-hide-member=“bronze” so they cannot see it. But because the silver members also have access to the bronze pages, they also can’t see it as effectively they are members of both bronze and silver.

Is there an alternative solution to this? Without having to duplicate all of the pages in the bronze membership into the silver folder as well… Hopefully, this makes sense!


Hi Billy, great question and thanks for explaining.

You can keep all of your existing hidden groups, but I recommend creating a new hidden group that’s specific to each membership. You can use your shared hidden content to progressively unlock more and more content, and you can use your specific hidden content to show/hide elements that are specific to a plan.

Does that make sense?

Got it!

Sorted, thanks for the help :smiley:

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