Multiple Membership types with Multiple hidden CMS collection lists?

Hey Memberstack community :wave:

I’m currently building a 2-sided marketplace in a particular services industry and want 2 seperate sections for:

  1. Customers which I’ve set up the hidden content to the Customer Accounts collection - /c/
  2. Business Owners with the Business Owners account CMS collection /b/

But there doesn’t seem to be an option to do this for more than 1 Webflow CMS collection.

The experience for both user types are vastly different which is why it makes sense to have a separate CMS collection for each user type.

Is this either possible or is there some sort of workaround? It seems as though Connor Finlayson has set this up successfully with Unicorn Factory with “Clients” and “Freelancers”. Anyone reading can see it in action here from when Ben interviewed Connor. I would presume Ben Tossell has this running with Makerpad with different types of users on the Makerpad Platform.

Has anyone else run into this and if it isn’t possible, is there some sort of crafty workaround they’ve come up with?
(for context, assume everything else is set up in Memberstack, Webflow, Airtable and Zapier)

I have been stumped on this for over a week now! Any guidance would be much appreciated!


Assuming you have 2 membership types and 2 separate Hidden Content sections (one for each of those you’ve listed) , have you tried adding the hidden content data attribute?

Hey @ChrisDrit thanks for taking the time to reply,

While hiding & showing content within a single ‘dashboard’ depending on the user type seems like the most logical approach, the user experiences and the datasets which feed into each different member type is vastly different and the CMS collections need to be kept seperate with 2 separate dashboards for this reason.

If anyone else is reading this and has any ideas, feel free to reach out!

Why would you do that?

I’d have separate dashboards, one for each of the CMS Collections, on 2 different CMS Collection Pages.

Yeah that’s what I’m trying to do @ChrisDrit - but didn’t think it was possible because in Power-ups, it only appears lets you specify 1 single collection - not 2? Unless I’m looking in the wrong place?

That is correct. That’s why you block one of your CMS Collection Pages there, and the other one via hidden attributes :slight_smile: