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Hi Memberstack,

we quite often … actually always need the possibility of multiple membership. Like signing up for class A and also B at a learning program. Or following trainer 1 and also 3 but not 2.

Update from the Memberstack Team:

Please upvote this feature in the product wishlist. You will receive updates as we make progress. If you want to leave a comment for our product team, you can do so here https://future.memberstack.com/problems/p/multiple-membership-plans. We usually reply to new posts within 24-hours.


This is a BIG feature for us. Both in terms of workload and value. It’s high on the roadmap and something we’re really excited about!

Thanks for posting the feature request!


You are welcome. This is also BIG for us … we need this in nearly any project. Thats why we permanently end up using Wordpress over and over again.


Important feature for us as well!


Agreed, multiple standalone subscriptions/memberships are REQUIRED for virtually ALL of my present clients. Hope a solution for this will be forthcoming ASAP… Thanks for keeping this a high priority!


Any update on the status of multiple memberships being implemented?


Hi Armand, not yet. This is going to be a tough one.

Had built a test site in Webflow and was disapointed to find out that a given member can only have one membership. This would be top of my backlog if I were you guys! Now currently seeking alternative… I’d also make this more clear to save people like me two hours of time.

Great product, however any update on multi-membership? We need this otherwise the use case isn’t there. Please and thank you.

Also really excited about this. Totally necessary to sell our online courses and events. Along with group registration ability.

Wondering if the Memberstack team has an update on this. Agreed that I signed up and have been testing thinking this was a feature already built-in. Any feedback on timing would be very helpful for our decision making.

I am also wondering what the timeline for multiple memberships is with Memberstack.

Jumping on the request thread for this one!

I too want to sell individual online courses to the same users — one user account, multiple product access, multiple payments.

@DuncanHamra we believe in you!!

@DuncanHamra You’ve built a beautiful product!

I really need to have multiple subscriptions for my client though.

Use case: I am building a Uber for self-storage concept. Users subscribe for a storage unit and I then need them to add on an insurance plan as an add-on (which I’d place on the thank you page).

@DuncanHamra +1 on this too! This would be an awesome feature :slight_smile:

Is there any estimate to when this feature will be ready?

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