Multiple people (group) under a single paid membership?

Is it possible for you to have more then one person under a single membership?

Why? Firstly I am running a christian hub. My whole idea is that churches, organisations, etc. by a $5.00 group and from there they invite people to join there group (account) to become a editor sponsored by the church, organisation,etc. People invited to this group are people such as sermons, content creators and more. The big reason I want this is so I don’t spend massive amounts of money on filtering technology to ensure that all content is related around God. I hope you get the idea, message me back if otherwise. Thank you in advance.


Sounds like a really exciting project you are working on! I would suggest creating an invitation page (button) that then launches the signup modal. When members invite new members they should use the link to the invitation page. On your website only list the membership they have to pay for.

Does that help? Let us know if there is anything else we can do :grinning:

So correct me if I didn’t understand you. I would create a “invitation Page (Button)” which launches a “signup model” for the groups. When a current group wants to invite someone to their own group, they would send a link to the group signup page.

Follow Up Question?
How would I set up a group invite? Could I do that via conformation code. Where the group would send a code attached to a email and then the user the group wants to invite would put in the code into the “signup model.” How would I setup a confirmation code thing as well?